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AnaRose and Medusa's Curse

A feared artifact. An ancient curse. A menacing enemy.

Museum curator and antiquities expert AnaRose Preston races against time to stop a ruthless organization on the hunt for a Medusa pendant with petrifying powers.  Will she foil their plan, or will the fanatical group succeed in unleashing an era of stone-cold terror upon the world?

Featured Release

AnaRose and Pharaoh's Gold

A stolen relic. A ruthless cult. An ancient evil.

A priceless Egyptian artifact listed for auction on the black market sparks a deadly chase between museum curator and archaeologist AnaRose Preston and a fanatical ancient sect. The Cult of Apophis will stop at nothing to reclaim the relic housing the deity’s soul. AnaRose risks her life to prevent the secret society from unleashing hell on earth.


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AnaRose andThe Templar'sQuest

Embark on a gripping quest with museum curator AnaRose in Mary Ann Bernal's "AnaRose and the Templar's Quest." As AnaRose seeks to authenticate a historic Templar ring, she unearths secrets that lead her and her assistant Jo into a perilous hunt for an ancient dagger. Set against the backdrop of France, this novella blends mystery, action, and historical intrigue, ensuring a thrilling ride for every reader.

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​Crusader's Path

Dive into the heart of the First Crusade with Crusader's Path, a captivating historical romance by Mary Ann Bernal. Follow Avielle, a compassionate woman seeking solace from tragedy, and Etienne, a conflicted Crusader yearning for purpose, as their paths intertwine amidst the brutal reality of the Holy War. Experience the horrors and heroism, the sacrifices and love, that shaped a defining moment in history, as Bernal masterfully crafts a story of unforgettable characters and a sweeping narrative that will leave you breathless.

Scribbler TalesPresents:Escape From Berlin

Scribbler Tales Presents: Escape from Berlin; a collection of five short stories by Mary Ann Bernal, transports readers to a world of suspense, drama, and intrigue. Each story, a captivating snapshot of a unique situation, leaves you wanting more, with Bernal masterfully weaving believable characters and intricate plots to create an unforgettable collection.


Featured Author

Mary Ann Bernal

Mary Ann Bernal, a Mercy College alumna, is a versatile author whose works range from historical fiction to sci-fi and action novellas. Notable for her debut in “The Briton and the Dane” series, her recent works include “Crusader’s Path,” “Forgiving Nero,” and the “AnaRose” series. A staunch supporter of the US military, her advocacy efforts have been recognized on TV and in print. In Elkhorn, Nebraska, Mary Ann’s literary journey continues to captivate and inspire.


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AnaRose and Medusa's Curse


The Briton and the Dane

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