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Mary Ann Bernal

Mary Ann Bernal is a distinguished alumna of Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where she earned her degree in Business Administration. Her journey into the literary world reached a
milestone with the 2009 publication of her debut novel in The Briton and the Dane series. Mary Ann’s repertoire extends beyond historical fiction, encompassing diverse genres, including a
collection of contemporary short stories, a science fiction/fantasy novel, and thrilling action and adventure novellas.

Her latest literary contributions include “Crusader’s Path,” a poignant redemption tale amidst the tumult of the First Crusade; “Forgiving Nero,” a compelling exploration of familial dynamics in Ancient Rome; and the “AnaRose” adventure series, chronicling the daring escapades of a museum curator turned relic hunter.

A fervent advocate for the United States military since Operation Desert Storm, Mary Ann has actively participated in letter-writing campaigns and various support initiatives. Her dedication to
the military community garnered attention on “The Morning Blend” show on KMTV, Omaha’s CBS affiliate, and an interview with the Omaha World-Herald. As a celebrated author, she has graced numerous reader blogs and promotional platforms with her presence. Mary Ann cherishes her life in Elkhorn, Nebraska, where she continues to inspire through her written works.

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