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Coffee Pot Book Club
Highly Recommended
Five Stars


Scribbler Tales Volumes One to Five – Finalist - 2024 American Legacy Book Awards – Anthologies: Fiction


Scribbler Tales Volume One – Five by Mary Ann Bernal is a collection of 25 fabulous short-stories that will entice, enthrall and utterly enchant the reader. This is a book that you can dip into as time allows — it is absolutely perfect for a coffee break.

This collection opens with a mesmerizing industrial espionage thriller, which is tangled with a love story that is built on a web of lies. And thus, Bernal sets the tone for this collection. Each story is unique, but they are all equally gripping. Bernal lets her readers glimpse into some very troubled minds, so prepare yourself!

Sometimes the protagonists of these stories walk away unscathed, other times the antagonists are the victors. There are appalling acts of revenge, as well as desperate discoveries. This is a collection that really keeps a reader entertained, for the dramatic plot twists is enough to satisfy any lover of quality thrillers.

Bernal certainly has a novelist eye for the human detail, which gives these stories a real sense of authenticity as well as authority. These stories, as short as they may be, are tautly gripping from start to finish. They are also immensely readable and next to impossible to put down.

Revenge was one of my favorite stories in this book. In this quick read, we meet Angela Westin, a woman who seemingly has it all — a perfect marriage, money and position. But under this happy facade is a woman who is trapped with a man whose illicit dealings destroyed their marriage. Driven to despair, Angela has no choice but to take matters into her own hands. The question is, does she have the courage to see it through to the bitter end? This story was written with such a gripping and compelling style that I completely forgot all about my coffee as I lost myself within the story.

Another story that I really enjoyed was Abducted. This cleverly crafted story is masterly executed. There are enough plot twists to cause a reader whip-lash, but it is also written in an easy prose style. The fast-paced narrative and the unexpected ending made this short-story incredibly entertaining.

In The Night Stalker, we follow the obsessive journey of a killer, while in Safeguard, we meet an antagonist whose clever manipulation of the medical professionals means she gets away with murder.

In Turning Point, we follow the work of an arsonist. While Brandi fears for her firefighter husband’s safety, she is completely unaware of how close the arsonist is. This short-story saw me sitting on the edge of my seat.​

Bernal explores the devastating consequences of being falsely accused of rape in her short-story called Malice. This story was incredibly real in the telling, and also very realistic. To be accused of rape by a woman whom you had only met the once in a professional capacity nearly destroys Andrew’s life. I thought this story was exceptionally well written.

In The Hourglass, young Flair makes a covenant with Death. This story was engrossing and one that I simply could not read quickly enough as I was desperate to know if Flair would be set free from her obligation.

There are so many fabulous stories in Scribbler Tales Volumes One to Five that it was difficult to choose which ones to include in this review.  But be assured all the stories in this collection are wonderfully written and a real joy to any reader.​

If you are a lover of thrillers, psychological murder mysteries, and paranormal adventures, then you will adore Scribbler Tales Volumes One to Five by Mary Ann Bernal. I cannot wait to get my hands-on Volume Two of what promises to be an equally enjoyable read. Bernal is the indisputable queen of short-stories.​

I Highly Recommend.​

Review by Mary Anne Yarde.
The Coffee Pot Book Club.

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